About the show

CIRCUS MAMA AFRIKA is an international standard production with a vibrant high energy, mix of songs, dance and impressive physicality described as ‘Circus of the senses’ on respected stages. The show is curated to give the audience an insight into  Africa’s spectacular festive traditions but also giving its stars the ability to rise above their often underprivileged backgrounds.


In Africa, drumming and dancing are the continent’s most powerful icons, something the show underpins thanks to our dancers and percussionists  from Bagamoyo drumming the South, East and West African styles bringing the African language of rhythm and music to life. 

One of the first things our audience notice when the curtain rises and the show begin is the performers genuine love and joy for what they do, to most of them this show is a life-changing experience. It’s obvious they enjoy themselves just as much as their audience.